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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Angel perfume from trace!

During busy seasons, during boring seasons, during tough seasons and especially during summer the thing that often tips us over the edge is lack of sleep.

I am excited right now, because I have a new bed and the sleep that has been happening between its folds has been long and delightful!

My friends Sara and Andrea however have been getting up at the crack of dawn to serve coffee to unsuspecting clients as a promo for a new coffee dealership in town ‘Wild Bean’. This morning they textd me, whilst I was still in bed, luring me away with the smell of cheap, stale, manufactured coffee. How funny!

I declined politefully smiling that my beautiful white sheets and doona were more enticing than the two of them put together.

Short but simple thought. Sleep makes such a difference to anyday. Especially for those who live really busy lives.

Whatever place you are in, creating a space in your bedroom where not much else happens but sleep and relaxation is imperative to effectiveness all round.

No matter how busy, sleep makes all the difference…



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