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Place: My office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: New necklace from Bonnie

Well, what truly amazing week. What a huge time full of friends, family and much much love. I have just fallen into the day after the BIG WEEKEND and CHURCH TOGETHER and the time we had together was breathtaking.

Big Weekend with over 12,000 people through the building and Church Together with 15,000 all together in Supreme Court Gardens the weekend was so amazing. 3 live paintings, an interview with Bono, a live tablaeu of D’vincis last supper, J John, Sy Rogers, a potters wheels, a brand spanking new huge semi truck, big heart shaped and world shaped balloons floating, bands, park vibes and so so much more.

I will never forget standing at the sound desk and watching the start of the time of worship and seeing a rolling cloud of what I can only say being the presence of God role accross the crowd. Now for those who aren’t christian I know this sounds so strange, but for me it was life changing, I saw a spiritual encounter come over the crowd that was so full of peace and so breathtaking.

Here are some of the photos. To those who have stood besdie, behind and in front of me this weekend, supporting and working alongside- thankyou so much.

And in the theme of Church Together- generations, a toast to those who have gone before me and allowed us to build upon what you have done in this amazing city of Perth, a huge, wild, thunderous applause.

To my friends overseas, who wanted to be here…Miss Annie NZ, brooke in Sydney, miss belinda rolle in Bris-vagas, Cole- Sydney, Bernice- Sydney, Nelson and SimonePeru, Sergio in Chile, Mica in Japan, Gavstar in Colorado, I can honestly say to each one of you it was not the same this year without you guys there. All in your own ways you contribute so so much to all of our lives.

Okay stop dribbling and show some photos, still haven’t got the camera thing completely down, but getting there.













4 thoughts on “B.I.G

  1. thanks for the photos amanda, good times in event town!

  2. H-O-T hot.. Glad to hear it all went well!

  3. babe you did such an amazing job this week! it was unreal! xx

  4. Oh my gosh, as always I’m so excited to hear what God is doing in Perth. What a team you all are. You know church together is such a unique thing. when i talk to people about it here they are blown away by the concept. Keep the vision strong Amp…You look stunning in the photos, what are those boys doing over there are they blind?????Needless to say i miss you heaps and will be glad to have Hannah and Ruthie back in town…Take good care my friend. Love the blog! (and you!)

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