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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: New blue and white handbag (sort of weird camera case!)


Last night we took the crewbies down to the airport to go back to Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland New Zealand. It was so hilarious, as we walked to Duende (a great tapa’s resteraunt) Claudine and I had the best talk ever, then we went to the airport and all lied on the ground in the waiting area and just hung out.

Some goodbyes are tragic, some are full of sighs of relief, some are grief stricken and some are life changing. Last nights goodbye summed up our week so perfectly. Simply doing life together. Lots of laughs, lots of great conversations, connection and intential encouragement, that hopefully will last till we all see each other again.

I am such a firm believer in saying goodbye well, as you never know what could happen before you meet again.

Whether its in the morning as you say goodbye to your spouse, whether its in the evening as you say goodnight to your loved ones, whether its saying goodbye to a friend who you don’t get to see in the flesh often but walk intentionally day by day with them through the life.

Communicate your love deeply, communicate your thoughts celarly, extend your heart of grace liberally, as I believe life is so short and so not worth wasting on lots of small and insignificant intentions.

Goodbye my travelling willburies!

Hope to be all in the same country and state sometime soon…

All my love





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  1. Beautiful friend, how aptly spoken. what a great celebration of friendship, of life and of our creator. my life is different because of our friendship and my sojourn into your world. thank you for being a treasured companion on the way.
    love always

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