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Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: ummmm not sure today

A bday 30 party 28-10-06 238.jpg

How broken are we all? How broken am I? very…

Each of us carry many backpacks filled with the memories and wounds from past hurt and brokeness. Over the last few days in many different ways I have met people whose expectations have not matched up and have felt really despondant and dissapointed with life.

What I have found, in my life, the times of my deepest dissapointment have been days or seasons where my perspective is warped and so often the expectations and the hopes are the ones that I have set up for myself rather than by others.

Does this make sense? Basically my thought is- lifes perspective is changed by the expectations and goals that I set for myself rather than the ones given to us by others. And when we freak out, blaming others for missing the mark, blaming others for what they do wrong, blaming others full stop, it has more to do with what is happening in our world, than theirs.

That’s why I am so enlivened by the concept and reality of grace. No matter what happens, no matter how disappointed we maybe with ourselves or others, grace covers and makes up for where we lack.

Its not a soft, fairy, weak grace! It is a strong, relevant, raw and tough one.

Live life with a knowlege of the grace that has been extended to you. It will shape the perspective you have of others and how you respond to everything that happens in your world.

 A bday 30 party 28-10-06 239.jpg

(photos. venue three. my party. courtesy of Scott!)



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