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this is a call to the living…

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: Tshirt from Annie


(Ban Meter- Mercy Village, Lom Sak, Thailand, June 06.)

I have had a very calm, chilled out sort of day with much reflection. The thoughts that have rambled through my mind have mostly been centred around the people in my life and my interaction with them.

Most of my heartache has been caused by people. Most of my celebrations have been with people. Most of my annoyances have been caused by people. Most of my victories have been won with people.

People are the point of life. Without having others to walk alongside, what is truly the meaning of life? Yet people are the ones who cause the most pain and conflict in our worlds…

I found this poem in an Oprah magazine and I ripped it out an put it up near my desk in my office to remind me what life is truly about.

For those days when someone has complained one too many times. For those days when our family burdens us one brick too many. For those times when you feel so alone, yet there are thousands of people swarming around you…

This is a call to the living

To those who refuse to make peace with evil,

With the suffering and the waste of our world.

This is a call to the human, not the perfect,

To those who know their own predjudices,

Who have no intention of becoming prisoners of their own limitations.

This is a call to those who remember the dreams of their youth,

Who know what it means to share food and shelter,

The care of children and those who are troubled,

To reach beyond barriers of the past

Bringing people to communion.

This is a call to the never ending spirit

Of the common man, his essential decency and integrity,

His undending capacity to suffer and endure,

To face death and destruction and to rise again

And build from the ruins of life.

This is the greatest call of all

The call to a faith in people…


This is what I live my life for…



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  1. feelin’ it! 🙂

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