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family night

Place: Mum’s House

Poison: Diet coke

Favourite Things: My fam…


Well today is our weekly event (although I really only get there probably once a month) Family night! We all come together brothers, sisters, dads, mums, aunties, uncles, cousins, God-kids, friends, lovers and whoever wants to come and hang.

Family night is an institution in our family. Not a pressure thing, where if you don’t come, you get nailed. Its a ‘I want to be there phenonomon!’…Family night is so famous that my friends ask to come along. There is toasts to what has happened that week, there is yummy/random/comfort food, the tv is in the background, the kitchen is the place to be… It is quite wild in fact.

I love family night and I love my family more.

So here’s a toast to the Powell’s, Smith’s and Giles families. I would not want to have grown up and do not want to grow old with anyone else.

I’m cooking roast, granma’s 81 and my dad’s in town. A recipe for a lot of laughs, some toasts to life and cuddles with my neices and nephews.

We will miss you tonight Jeremy and Jackson (my big bro, and beautiful nephew)

Forever yours


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