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I have just finished reading Steve Stockman’s book ‘Walk On’, a commentary about the life and journey of the band U2. With my friends all flying off to different parts of Australia (excuse me Kym, I completely miss you!) to watch U2 concerts this week, this post is apt for those who have missed out…Or even those who have chosen not to be a part of the Australian U2 obsession.

A speech that Bono made on New Years’ concert goes like this…(pge 82)

‘Here she comes: the future. Forget about the past. We’re gonna celebrate the future…Here’s to the future! The only limitations are the limits of our imaginations. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud at high volume. That’s what we do for a living…’

Then the writer Steve Stockman goes on to say this (which when I read it a few weeks ago and it completely blew me away!)

‘Imagine a world where the blacks in South Africa could learn to forgive and live alongside their oppressors. Imagine a white government in Pretoria that could see a new South Africa with, by some sort of miracle, Nelson Mandela was the president. Imagine that there could be a ceasefire in Northern Ireland where the parlamilitaries would lay down their weapons and sit together in a new Northern Ireland government.

Imagine if enemies can be loved. (Luke 6:27)

Imagine if the hungry could be fed (Luke 6: 21)

Imagine if the meek could inherit the earth (Matt 5: 5)

Imagine a world where the first would be last and the last would be first (Luke 13:30)


Without the turbo charged engine engine of imagination, nothing can change in our world. God told his people that they would dream dreams and see visions (Joel 2: 28)

When I read this passage it stopped me in my tracks. I love this passion towards the future. How often do we spend our lives looking in the rear view mirror? We drive through life looking backwards, regretting and guilt driven with all the things we did wrong, the words we shouldn’t have said, the people we have left in our wake.

Yet imagining the future to be one that is bright, to be one full of hope, walking in the strength and grace that has so liberally been extended to you.

Imagine the future. A bright, loud, bold and fresh one full of hope, love and strength!



2 thoughts on “IMAGINE…

  1. yep, I sadly missed out on tickets to U2
    🙁 ..but oh well..I’m having a U2-a-thon at my place…trying to listen to as much U2 as I can take!! – adoring it so far!
    ….what an amazing quote..really brings true what we all should strive for xox

  2. hey beautiful, if it was a choice between you and U2: i’d rather see you anyday. lovin ya from afar. thanks for the inspiration.

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