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absent minded moments

Place: Andrea’s

Poison: Skinny Cappucino

Favourite Things: Andrea and Polly in thier pjs with study books…with pretty pink tabs.

We have just come home from Little Creatures Fremantle, having some lamb sausage rolls, lamb and fetta pizza and pale ales to celebrate Bryce’s birthday. It was a great night of celebrating and hanging out. Very simple, very lovely, friends, food, great atmosphere.

In the midst of leaving, we decided we would become coffee fairies and deliver the studying princesses some much needed randomness and coffee. But in the planning stages of leaving Little Creatures and making our way to 130’s (yes I sucumbed to pressure and made my way back to my old coffee haunch!) Jen and I forgot to pay for our meal.

How WRONG! We were 25 mins away from the resteraunt realising that we had just walked out and not paid! Hilarious, wrong and perfect all in one.

For the ethics conscious, we immeadiately rang someone at the resteraunt and asked them for a 24hr loan, and could they pay our bill. So thanks big guy: Bo Jangles…

So a quick, stupid, funny story from the random life of amp and her lovely sister. So next time the bill is $50 short, talk to Jen and Amanda. Those fairy moments happen to us all once in a while.

Justification: I was on a mission to deliver caffine injection to the study addicts.

Go girls- you are amazing.

Go bo jangles- thanks for the rescue

Go life- love it!!



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