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living large…

Place: Milkd

Poison: Skinny Cap

Favourite Things: Christmas decorations…tis the season

Post Big weekend vibes, I painted this painting which whenever I walk past it in my corridoor it reminds me to live large!


Then this weekend phil spoke about ‘How to shrink your world’ the opposite of LIVING LARGE!

His points were the following:

1) Be preoccupied with yourself

2) Get Negative

3) Be Critical

4) Be a Know it All!

5) Live life for small ambitions…

These points were fantastic, and hopefully I can do more than just hear a message but apply it. A song that I listened to this morning said ‘Your actions speak much louder than your words…’

Living large for me is living a life full of integrity, creativity and generousity…A big life that thinks more about others than myself, a big life that considers the whole earth and my impact on it, rather than just me and my selfish pursuit of happiness.

Capturing the everyday with an expression of life and love that is broad enough to include people of all races, ages and financial statuses.

Capturing the life I live knowing that we were born with purpose and living it that way.

My friend sara just walked in and operatically sung the words Dancer of my moon, cherub of my life! Gold…

I love her, I love life, I totally want to live it LARGE



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