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In last weeks staff meeting Phil was speaking about this word ‘Epichoregeo’ and it completely caught my attention…

I googled this greek word and there were only 734 pages that include this word, on the prolific web is quite small.

It is derived from the greek version of the scriptural passage: 2 Peter 1: 5, which is all about adding to your faith with all dilegence.

The coolest thing about this word, is its definition is ‘going to the extra expense of hiring or have a chorus’. In greek times, the greek tragedies always had a chorus, but in those days having 50 extras, just to sing a few songs throughout the lengthy tragedies was quite extravagant for a producer, director or whomever was coordinating the show. The verb originates in the expression ‘at the expense of the chorus’.

Epichoregeo in reference to 2 Peter 1: 5 and in turn our everyday life, means to go to extra expense, to provide more than is barely demanded. Not in a materialistic sense, but in living a life of generousity and faith in people.

If someone asks you to do something and you say yes, then do it with due dilegence. Do it ‘at the expense of the chorus’, a contemporary version ‘go above and beyond the call of duty’ or ‘Go the extra mile’.

Why you say?

No reason at all, but to make it better. I am sure the greek tragedies would have been fine without the nuiances, the harmonies and the emotion of the 50 piece chorus (choir), however epichoregeo means at the expense of the chorus, it adds, it layers, it defines, it exhorts, it deepens, it broadens and makes the whole experience so much better for all.

My thought today, why do I in event management spend hours trying to make something different, why do I spend hours finding something really specific for a theme, when giving a present, why do I take the time to go above and beyond. ‘At the expense of the Chorus’

Providing more than is barely demanded.

Just because I can and want to live a rich, full, creative and chorus filled life.


Miss Ellys birthday dinner this week…



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