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Place: Andreas House

Poison: Glass of Hunter Valley Mt Pleasant, Semillion

Favourite Things: Bowl of Pasta with boccocini and mushroom


This afternoon I downloaded Brooke Frasers new album Albertine, from Itunes. I was so excited to see my great friend’s album (only released in Australia on itunes) is already number 3 on the Itunes Album chart! Gold.

She is an amazing girl, who lives her life with abandonment to see music connect people with their maker. The album is on my ipod and sure to become the most played over the next months.

Her last album Arithmetic, still is an all time favourite.

Check it out, download it, legally not illegally, because she’s totally worth it.

On ya Brookey



3 thoughts on “albertine

  1. would love to buy it but going to have to wait for the new amazon shipment. cant wait, her session muso’s on this one are amazing.

  2. definately a must buy album – and if you get the chance to see her live – do anything to go – it’s hot. The NZ album release was awesome – Kristopher (her keys’ session muso) was playing three keys at once (incl. an organ), and Brooke was at her beautiful best. Glad that the perthites have the op to download (legally). lovin, kiwi hans

  3. Hey there, we bought the album yesterday from the mighty warehouse!!! (A NZ icon) What a hot album, She was number one on the kiwi countdown tonight…
    Love the album a definite must for the collection…Love ya Amp.

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