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christmas with friends, family and loved ones…

Place: Andrea’s

Poison: Coffee

Favourite Things: This season of Christmas

We sat next to Andrea’s pool this evening, and enjoyed friends, family and christmas. Fine food (andrea’s cooking is amazing!!) and stupid, crazy conversation, but too me it so felt like Christmas.

A long table, with a sweet table decoration, Christmas has definately come to town.

For me the smell of summer, burn off’s in the background, BBQ’s, wine, family, tinsel (as much as I despise it), cool tunes, yummy food. All mean that Santa Claus is coming to town.

What says yep its Christmas for you?

For Irish Mike sitting at our table tonight, this totally does not feel like Christmas…

One day, real soon I hope, when I’m all grown up! I am taking my family to a little villiage on the bottom of the Swiss Alps, or a villiage in Tuscany and we will have a white Christmas with snow, turkey, jumpers and thermals.

Till then, BBQ’s by the pool, with lots of friends and family. Spa’s and lots of kids running wild, waking up wearing summer pjs whilst we open our presents, sweating sitting at church with 40 degree heat, is Christmas for this Santa’s little helper.

Bring it on, I say.

from the ultimate Christmas Groupie!




4 thoughts on “christmas with friends, family and loved ones…

  1. jen and i want to know where the tinsel was?? oh and the photo of us posing!!? jipped! 🙂

  2. Yeah, much rather see pics of you twirling amp.

  3. ummm, the photos that were taken with my camera (bryce) were not that great. Our pregnant beauty won the photo comp!



  4. tinsel is at the powell and giles family christmas, much display of tinselling was happening last night.

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