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croissants, french kissing and the eiffel tower

Place: Heathrow

Poison: Flat White

Favourite Things: Entertainment Systems on the back of aeroplane chairs.


Well, the adventure has begun, and after a few long flights, I will be on French soil, for the first time of my life.

I am so looking forward to many things, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louve, Croissants, Brie Cheese from the motherland, french kissing and of course the Eiffel Tower.

For those playing at home. If you were in Paris for 3 days what would you do?

Not the corny, everyday stuff. I want to capture moments and experience Paris in its fullness. Moulin Rouge, Parisian Pride and all.

PS- I hope it snows

Keep an eye on the posts, I promise they will make up for my slackness towards the end of last year

Au revoir!


1 thought on “croissants, french kissing and the eiffel tower

  1. hey girl,
    you really need to keep me posted!!! have you managed to contact leo?
    enjoy my home town for me!

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