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early mornings

Place: Hotel Foyer

Poison: Long Black with hot milk

Favourite Things: french accents

Slight Jet Lag, meant that I was wide awake at 5am, which for my family, previous flatmates and okay, yep everyone that is very hard to believe. So I got up not wanting to waste my last day here and went for an early morning walk.

Being Saturday morning, the remnants of a big friday night in Paris where still surfacing from bars, cafes and finding themselves stranded on the sidewalk.


This city does have an underbelly, but it doesn’t seem as sinster as most make it out to be…I love Paris and can’t wait to come again. On my early morning dalliance, I decided I need to come back soon and also stay in a farm villa somewhere in the tuscan countryside.

Last night I cracked my first creme brulee, aka amelie, the feeling was just as intense! I drunk slowly and tenderly a real hot chocolate and stared out onto the streets at 10pm on a friday night and drew in my journal the sights my eyes perused.


(yep this is it!, see my pink journal in the background…)

My most precious moment captured yesterday was late in the afternoon, when I found St Sulpice was 2 mins from my hotel and I stood before St Joan of Arcs shrine and earnestly prayed that my life would make a difference like this warrior child.

St Sulpice was eerily bouyant. People were not quiet in reflection. They were buzzing with Da Vinci Code theatrical energy searching for the heartline in this ancient temple. Can’t say that turned me on! I was wanting to light a candle and kneel and reflect on the years  of worship that had been offered up in this monument and the secrets and stories that had harboured queens, kings and even napolean…

My breakfast of salami, cheese, sour dough, yoghurt and creme fraiche awaits. So does the eiffel tower, notre dame and the eurostar through the country side.

Creativity awaits exploration…the ancient meeting the modern with a french accent is my favourite of all time so far in my limited travels.

Merci Paris, your reputation has not dissapointed…


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  1. sounds like such awesome fun, go amp. i’m tasting that coffee from here! the andes has only nescafe 🙁

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