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londons west end

Place: In Bed

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: live theatre

Tonight was one of my all time favourite nights in a very long time. Quite unexpected I was given tickets to see Mary Poppins in London’s West End. Growing up I was an absolute live theatre addict, performing every song from any musical that I could find.

I studied dance five times a week for at least fifteen years. In those years, day in day out, my all time dream was to be in a professional musical production and as I grew older and went to WAPPA, studying musical theatre, my goal was to stand on a stage in west end and perform live.

Well I never achieved that dream in London, but I was in hundreds of amature shows in Perth and a couple professional ones…So that’s the background and tonight as the curtain raised, tears dribbled down my cheek as I sat in the Prince Edward theatre and was transported to another time, place and memories of why I loved theatre so much.

The production and technical stunts in this show were one of the best I have ever seen. Better than Cirque de Solei even, as it carried the audience into a place of family, magic and music.

I loved the black and white sketches that were projected onto the cyc periodically through the show and of course the moment when Mary Poppins flew over the crowd.

It was breathtaking and I loved every minute of it. Mum, Jen and Eileen, I so wish you could have been there with me and maybe one day we will travel to London together, but this little drama queen is going to struggle to go to sleep tonight as my inspiration levels have reached saturation point!

Big deep breaths Amanda it was only a show. But what is it about a company of people performing in unison and the words of inspiration floating out over the red velvet seats that make most of our jaws drop.

I think we were created by a God who is delighted in joy and the simple things in life, his creation celebrating the gifts and wonders of humanity. Okay, this curtained landscape is completely surreal and not realistic, but so what, it creates a canvas of inspiration for old and young alike.

I pray in our sophisticated times, we dont become so technilogically savy that we loose the wonder of live theatre and the history it has forged creatively throughout the generations.

Thankyou Mary Poppins, yes… (sung with arms wide open and much vibrato!)

Anything can happen if you let it! Anything can happen just imagine, that should be my epitaph I wear my badge on…In honour of this worlds free thinkers, those who see beyond their blinkers. Jelly isn’t jelly till you set it! Anything can happen if you let it.

Supercalifragilistically Inspired!

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  1. Hey Amp… How amazing is that show!! I saw it last year when I stayed in Notting Hill. I was amazed & I’m sooo glad that you too got to see it!!
    This year I saw ‘Billy Eliot’ in London & ‘Hairspray’ in New York. They were both really great. But ‘Mary Poppins’ was something else.
    Looking forward to the day where we work on shows like it!!
    Missing you heaps & heaps. Wish we were travelling together.
    Chat soon I hope
    Luv ya xxx

    P.S Happy Australia Day..

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