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wheel clamping, high teas and inspiration

Place: In Bed

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: pjamas and the underground.

For anyone playing at home, if you are travelling to London, NEVER hire a car! It is so not worth the effort. The underground is fantastic, the trains are so on time, despite the stuffy air, we are pro’s at the underground vibes.

In comparison, we have been in london for three days and we have had a 100 pound car fine and also this morning our car got clamped with another 100 pound fine attached! Seriously it was a drama. Both times we had paid our parking meter and were less than 15mins late. The traffice wardens here are just awful and I promise never to complain about parking ever again in Perth.


We might as well have caught taxi’s and the underground instead of hiring a car, it has been the bain of our London experience.

In contrast, we started the day on Portobello road at a cafe with Jeff and Julie Crabtree and enjoyed an extended breakfast of Haddock, eggs and holandaise! Jeff and Julie are just amazing and I soaked in their wisdom of years of experience in the music industry, ministry and living a large life of influence.

I enjoyed the conversation, company and most of all just learning from them and who they are. We had breakfast at the Electric Brassarie, which apparently is a big time celebrity haunch. But no rockstar anointing for me, I think I must have needed Kym Rolle with me.

After our wheel clamping drama, we ventured back into London central and participated in a English tradition, a real life English High tea. The sandwiches, tea and petite fores were delicious. An afternoon of catching up about life, family and love.

Tonight, we are in our pjama’s very early, trying to remain positive about the smog, freezing cold and london traffic police.

Tomorrow we are off to Oxford and the Tate Art Gallery…

I miss Leederville and North Perth…My regular cafes, no paying for parking, no wheel clamping when you are 15mins late for your car meter but mostly my friends and our daily life together.

Don’t get me wrong I am totally inspired by London and its cultural diversity, but we are so spoilt in the way we live our daily lives in little old Perthtown!



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  1. Amen! It really truly isn’t until people travel overseas that we realise how amazing Perth is!

    Scott & I love London – we love the culture and vibe too. Have a fantastic time in Oxford – the English countryside is where you really see what English Cottage garden means! Love it. Make sure you get a chance to go down one of those cute narrow streets that only has enough room for one car! What an adventure you are on!

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