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home is where the heart is…

Place: My Offce

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: Napolean Dynamite flippin sweet mints

I have a new office, I have a new flat mate, my job is a little different, I have new staff starting, I have new peers but on my new office wall, I now have a chalkboard in my office and the first statement I wrote on it in white chalk was…


Home is where the heart is. I am a homey sort of girl. I love creating a space, I love creating a vibe, I love creating a home.

For me home means, great food, candles, music, mood, furniture placement, the intangibles, the placement of artwork, the photos of those I am absolutely taken with, the smell, the mabo!

But realistically I am learning, home truly is where the heart is. Your heart is your passion, your loves, your expression of who you uniquely are wired to be.

So being the eve of valentines day, (didn’t even think about that until I started to write) I am commissioning those who read this entry to celebrate your heart, your passions, your individuality and create home whereever you may find yourself to be…

I have put up black and white photos in my office of my recent travels, I have just painted a new painting which expresses this new season that I find myself in, and I have a big jar of American Candy on my desk for anyone who comes in to survey my new pad!

Home truly is where the heart is.

Create a home, create life, create connection, create vibe.

It is the essence of celebrating the everyday moments of life that make it colourfilled.



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