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Place: New Norica

Poison: Cashew Nuts

Favourite Things: My Mum and her snoring!


I have whisked away for a couple of days of silence, contemplation and Mum lovin! and oh how I love life.

Last night we said goodbye to another great friend ‘Bryce Green’ who is soon to grace the shores of the star spangled banner with his newly won green card. It made me think how great it is to do life sprinkled with craziness.

Bryce is one person that I can be one minute discussing life, love and our passions and the next screaming ‘Chicken and Nuts’ out the window of a speeding car, loving that craziness is not only for the insane.

In the midst of the speed of life, it is so refreshing to find people who are totally comitted to it yet crazy enough to not take it so seriously all the time.

Brycey I will miss you and your craziness the most. This just means I’ll have to visit LA more often.

Forever your unmarriable friend


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