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simplicity, stars and snoring

Place: New Norcia Reading Room

Poison: Vegemite on New Norcia Bread

Favourite Things: The window overlooking the grounds in the reading room


I feel like I have been away forever, yet in time it only clocks on one day. There is something about New Norcia that completes my still o meter and brings inspiration at the drop of a eye lid.

The simplicity of life amoungst monks is tangible. There is not too much to think about it. there is not to much to worry about. All food and drinks are taken care of, back in the real world it takes me a few weeks to a month to read a book here I can read one in a day! No Television, no phone reception but the internet keeps me connected to one of my loves communcation. This start to the year has been quite manic and being up here makes me think why?

Who is pressing my speed o meter buttons, does anyone hold a gun to my head saying I must run at the speed of life or not accomplish my self obsessed need for success. I want to live simply.

Walking around the grounds last night on our way up to the pub for a lemon squash or two, Mum and I were spellbound by the stars and how much they glitter in the midst of much darkness. The darker a town is, (i.e the less light, less people, less industry etc) the more it allows the stars to shine on through. Which to me means better sleep, more rest and much contemplation of life in a slower lane.

Here’s a toast to the monks of the 1800’s who hauled the load away from Perth and created a Spanish oasis in the middle of nowhere as a monument and hideaway spot to honour God.

The bells are tolling, breakfast is calling, Mum is snoring!



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