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sunbeams through a high window

Place: New Norcia

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: The stillness of a Library


As I sit here in the afternoon sun I am overwhelmed by the power of a well placed window, the reflection of a Australian Gum Tree and the sound of birds outside. To be somewhere that the only aural interuption is that of a Church Bell chiming the quartets of an hour is simply life changing.

How do we fill our lives with so much need? How do we think we can cope with the constant whitenoise of the television, radio and cars? What is it that fools us into believing we are living some sort of superior lifestyle when we lay on our beds completely stuffed?

Juxtaposing that with my desperate want to make a difference with my life, a life created with purpose, one not wanting to be wasted and aware of how much need I am faced with everyday. How does one face it?

How do we find balance amoungst the pressure? How do we stay sane amoungst the success…

Times of silence and reflection, times of balance and basking in the midday sun shining through a reading room window beackoning rest so desperately required…

Sunbeams a priceless gift of not only one who can catch them, but available to all. Sunbeams not created to cause cancer but refresh a weary soul. Sunbeams of light, love and solace.


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