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schapelle meets journalism at its worst

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Yesterday I read Schapelle Corby’s autobiography and it was deeply concerning. When I was in Bali a couple of years ago, I went to visit her in jail, with no other intention than to pass on some gifts and encourage someone who was in a living nightmare. Whether guilty, innocent or caught up in some gross traffiking bungle, the jail is disgusting, the animals found crawling the floors are vile and no on deserves to live in the squalour she is submitted too.

Reading her autobiography I was appalled by supposed do gooders (esp Christians) who treated her with such disrespect and disdain. My family is in Bali right now, in fact my beautiful sister Jen is there and I assume she will go and visit the Bali 9 and/ or Schapelle and to think that she could be locked away in that living hell scares me to my core.

Why do we always think we have a right to find out the truth in someone’s everyday story? Why does the media rip families to shreds over information that is private, confidential and nobodies business!

My family has had a taste of the media and the ridiculous lies and outright fabricated stories that are touted as fact in disgusting excuses for journalism such as ‘The Sunday Times’ but I truly have no idea what it would be like to be hounded and chased, harrassed and pursued.

This last week has been a hard one for our family because ‘The Sunday Times’ printed a story that was completely false about us. ‘In the guise of free speech’ Jo Spagnolio’s writing should be published as a novel, rather than factual journalism and if he feels he has the right to hound my family, my Father (divorced from my Mother) Dad’s partner or whomever he can find connected to our family…

He should try a dose of his own medicine.

I respect great journalism and love what it brings to our society, but when Australia becomes tainted with the same brush of journalism like the Brittish tabloids and the American glossies, then I’m sorry but we have gone to far.

What’s happened to the good old aussie trait of believing the best in people? What’s happened to people being able to get on wtih their lives in peace and quiet? Journalists who earn their livings by finding the dog scraps under people’s tables deserve to sleep with them as well!

So Schapelle it would be arrogant of me to say I understand your situaton, because Jo Spagnoli’s poor excuse at journalism doesn’t even come close to your hell. But know that I am praying and believing the best for you.



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