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Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: My love package from Kymmie Rolle from her world trip!

I found a website today from someone who I have a connection with from capture and this is a quote that I found on this website which totally sums up my thoughts at the moment…

Karen Beacon : Behind all creation is silence. Silence is the essential condition, the vital ingredient for all creation and all that is created. It is a power in its own right. The artist starts with a blank canvas-silence. The composer places it between and behind the notes. The very ground of your being, out of which comes all your thoughts, is silence. The way to silence is through meditation. When you arrive in your own silence, you will know true freedom and real power. Stop, take a minute, and listen to the silence within you today. Then be aware of what disturbs you inner silence. It could be negative thought, memories or sensations. And when you are aware, you will know what is draining your creative power, and you will know what needs to change….on the inside.
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