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reality and destiny the tension

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke
Favourite Things: Saturday’s

Talking with a friend this morning about life, purpose and destiny, I was struck by the thought that ‘the tension between the now and the future is more the point than the finish line!’

We are stretched, frustrated, pulled, pushed, dissapointed, cajoled more than we are successful, liberated, ecstatic or delighted.

I think the reason is ‘We need to develop endurance, perserverence and character to be able to handle our futures.’

I see the glass half full, and with that perspective I totally believe that every person is destined for greatness. However how we handle that greatness, the fame, fortune, favour, whatever it is for the individual, is how we responded to the journey that it took to get there.

If you are frustrated with your day to day reality, look up and search for something beyond, because the tension betwen reality and destiny, is the true substance of things hoped for!



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