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pride and prejudice

Place: My Office

Poison: Caramello Koala

Favourite Things: Hoody’s

I am at work for the final  tech rehearsal of our event next week ‘Jane Austen’s guide to people’ and all day I have been confronted with the woes of people.

People management is one of the most rewarding and the most taxing parts of leadership. Its only now that I am in my 30’s am I seeing the weaknesses in my personality and how they affect my ability to relate widely to people.

On face value no worries, a quick chat and I’m out of there, the bigger picture of the good, the bad and the ugly is where I am really learning lessons and trying to move beyond!

Pride- the area of pride, cause me and others to stumble so often. Not being able to admit fault, thinking that it is our right to justify our cause, defensiveness and the list goes on and on.

Prejudice- categorising people in boxes that they may have designed in previous encounters or the remnants of a people experience gone wrong or residue from your families bias can  really stop you from great encounters with people in your everyday.

pride and prejudice, two hairy monsters that I am trying to make extinct. Were all human so they surface often, but just like cockroaches the more you spray them with repellant the less likely they are of coming back!



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