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Place: My Office

Poison: Water and berocca

Favourite things: Vanilla Hand cream

Well it has been a crazy old time and if i even began to write about it you would be bored. So here I am back at the writing desk, with a new laptop, the other one karked it, and a new sense of wow about the everyday.

I love the thought of living my everyday in the perspective of generations rather than just me, my selfish desires and my life.


Here is a picture of Charlie Grace! My adorable God daughter whom I hung out with this week at a family wedding.

I am astounded that half of this year has flown by already, but I know one day soon I will be at Charlie’s wedding marvelling at days gone by, and how a whole generation passes without much thought by the one gone by.

I long to pass on an amazing legacy to charlie and her mates.

I long to be someone who inspires a generational mindset.

Do you?



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