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queenstown: OKAY I’M INSPIRED.

Place: Patagonia

Poison: Hot Chocolate with chilli

Favourite Things: Queenstown. Oh My


I have had many shouts out loud and some soft whispers from the strangest of people asking ‘Where has your blog gone!’ Soooo, I am back, in the land of inspiration New Zealand, the long white cloud.


Ohh, so much to say so little battery. So I am going to go for it. Basically I have been working on two new books. Two I hear you say, yes I am a literary massicist. (not spelt like that, but do I care- NO!). So in the months to come be aware, I will be doing my best to blog, but a daily online publication and two books is not really that sane, considering the work load of my life also.

Today though in the midst of an amazing conference we run, 500plus, we talked about the land of the BLOG, and I was reminded of how this little tool is an archiving genius, an inspiration map and a lifeline for the spontaneous. To those who try to comment, I will open the comment section again, depending on the craziness of the spamming society who get into it and frustrate me.

So I will be exploring some of the concepts with my contributors to my books and also I will be downloading some of my ideas.

So watch out for tomorrow…

Snow, Luges, Mountains and hot chocolate, I’m in the land of the long white cloud. I am going horse riding for three days through Lord of the Rings land, I am going to attempt skiing again.

Joes Garage is my pick for the best salmon, hollandaise and eggs. I actually really love the snow induced layers of clothing.

Shivering but so so inspired.



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