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horse riding virgin!

Place: Hyatt Auckland

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Sleep ins… 


Well, I haven’t kept up my promise yet again, with very good reasons, I have been in the sticks! And good coffee is not possible in Pakiri, let alone Wireless acess to the internet. Despite this, I have had the most amazing few days. Maybe the lack of internet and the increase of fresh air, is really what this inspiration bunny needed.


We went horse riding for a couple of days and it was absolutely breathtaking. This was something that I did for the first time. I can honestly say when you do something for the first time, it does unlock a whole new world and openness to new ideas and life expressions.

I have had more ideas in the last few days than this whole year.


Horses are so strong, fit and stubborn. There are so many different analogies that flowed through my head. Especially when I flew off the horse as we rounded a rough corner.


The big thing that kept beating through my head, get back on the horse, get back on the horse. And as humbling as it was, that I did.

With a saddle sore, B-hind…Stretched arms as Missy was intent of battling her bit with me, I actually managed to stay on…


Do something you have never done before. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It is exhilerating when you finish, even if you can hardly walk after!



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