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magazine rip outs

Place: Qantas Club

Poison: Cappucino

Favourite Things: Free Wireless


I have strruggled this whole trip to access the internet. Its so funny because you take it for granted when you are at a desk every day.

This internet fast has encouraged me to cruise the local New Zealand publications more and especially I have loved all the NZ magazines. (not the cleo, cosmo, womans day gossip trains) The architecture, the house and homes, the notebook, creative types.

Yes I am one of those annoying types, who secretly tear out pages from the magazine when no-one is looking. Most of the time they are my publications, but sometimes when I am 1% naughty I rip them out of pages from cafes.

The buildings, the gardens, the fashion, the creativity in Auckland, NZ is breathtaking. I am so lucky that I am addicted to my family, if not I would be packing up my life and shipping it to this Island of the long white cloud.

My little heart shaped notebook has gotten a beating this week, as I have glued, ripped, written and scratched a plethora of new ideas for life, work and my new publications.

My encouragement, is any chance you get, if you see a great idea. Use your phone camera to take a picture, or rip out the little quote like I did on the airbus today or go for broke rip out a whole page.

The creative inspiration that rolls from this act of naughtiness will totally over ride your feelings of guilt.


Live in the moment of creative inspiration, it turns a boring suduko crossword into a colourful magnet of inspiration.



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