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he tangata

Place: Milkd

Poison: Long Macciato

Favourite Things: My own bed!


I came home this weekend for a couple of amazing weddings and also it was Elly and Ben’s first year anniversary of being married. (a year ago I was a bridesmaid! how time flies)


(one of my staff, the beautiful simone, marries lance!)


(how beautiful does she look!)

At times like this, when you have been away from home and travelling through another country it brings things back home, what life is truly about.

I found a brochure at the Auckland airport with this quote in Maori…

‘Ki Mai koe ki a au,

he aha te mea nui tenei ao:

He tangatat, he tangata, he tangata’

Translated it says this…

“If you should ask me what is the greatest thing in the world,

The answer would be:

It is people, it is people, it is people”

Last night before I fell asleep, I was ready a book of the bible called ecclesiates and throughout the whole book it kept repeating the phrase…It is all smoke…Life is smoke…one breath and its gone.

The writer of this book, was refering to the collection of material goods, success, gold, clothes, jobs, titles and position. He was making the point that it is all like smoke, in comparison to what really matters in this world.

So as I drive down to visit my family, with whom I miss so terribly. I am reminded…

What is the greatest thing in the world:

It is people, It is people, It is People.



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