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care packages, birthdays and long lost friends

Place: Milkd

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Rainy days that seem to promise summer will be here soon…


(the view out of my hotel window in Queenstown!)

Well I have had a delightful day full of not much. I stayed at mums last night and am in perth to start my few days of annual leave.

With all the travelling it feels a little indulgent to be taking extra time off, but it was booked so long ago and counting the amount of hours I am sleeping its obvious my body is needing it.

I had lunch with the beautiful Michaela today, and she told me many stories about Japan, and whats been happening since she has lived there for the last year and a half.


Also it is lovely Justice and also Sarah (Bain’s) birthday today. So a dinner happening in Sydney right now, is where my heart it. I wish I could be there to hug you all.

This all got me thinking about CARE packages. The amazing girls in my department, have been collecting little but lovely items for a HUGE care package that I got given today. They wanted me to rest up on my time off and feel the love and that I did.


Sending or giving a package with thoughtful bits and bobs, that only means something to the reciever and givers, is one thing I do to keep the flame burning brightly for my close friends in Australia and overseas.

To get the favour returned to me, completely unexpectedly was so thoughtful, rare and delightful.

Thanks events girls, I truly am priveleged to do my everyday with such quality people.

Share the love in your world and it will always grow and return back to you, even in the most unexpected ways.

Content and rested!

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