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the girl in the yellow dress

Place: Auditorium

Poison: Flat white

Favourite Things: Global Leadership Summit

Sitting in the last session yesterday afternoon, at the global leadership summit, I  became increasingly uncomfortable. Mostly from one take of raw footage that made me miss valued hours of sleep, in the middle of the night last night.

In the midst of this following interview is some raw footage of a girl in a yellow dress.

She haunts me.

Mostly I am haunted by that man who walks past completely ignoring this fourish year old in her bright yellow dress.

Scroll down to girl in the yellow dress

I sat in my big blue compfy chairs, I sat in my $100 black jacket brought in Auckland, sat with my boots, jeans and stuff, with a coffee next to me, that probably cost more than what this girl got in months.

She spent 2 mins and 3 seconds, 2 mins and 3 seoconds that I never want to forget, rearranging her bed, on the streets, outside a shop, a bed of a pile of something, a hessian bag and thats it.

I lay in my four poster, queen size bed, with a bed side table, two doonas, in my peter alexander pj’s, in frustration at my lack of sleep.

Go figure.

I remember this photo that prophetically haunted me in the slums of Khlong Toei as I waited with Sr Joan, with her milk run in June last year.

I seriously want to make a difference in a world full of little girls in yellow dresses.

Captured. Heart broken. empassioned to eradicate this travesty!


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