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the girl in the cafe

Place: auditorium

Poison; Flat white

Favourite Things: Richard Curtis

Following on from yesterday, I hurriedly rang Planet rentals in Mt Lawley, desperate to watch the film written by Richard Curtis called ‘the girl in the cafe’.

It was so random. Random in a good sense not a bad one. I found myself so uncomfortable, but it was so necessary. Particularily in the area of love and also in the area of our response to making poverty history.

Some of you who have read this blog, for a while will see a strong theme, standing out, which to mel, relates straight back to creative inspiration. Because out of nothing, thats when you truly see the creative power of an almightly God.

Its easy to come up with fresh, new and innovative ideas when you are sitting in a cafe, lactated by caffine and placated by cool cafe sounds.

But creativity that rises from the ashes of brokenness are those ideas that will challenge and change the world.

Why can’t we come up with creative ideas or ways to make poverty history.

So back to my initial plot for this blog. Richard Curtis, what a legend! He is a writer, he is background, he seems quite unassuming and shy, yet he is making a world of difference. Writer of movies such as ‘ Nottinghill’, ‘Love Actually’, ‘Four weddings and a funeral’, need I say more. Oh and yes the writer of a small comedy movement called ‘Mr Bean.’

Side note: saying of Mr Bean, Rowan Aitkinson said to him about comedy…’If the people in Egypt don’t think its funny, then its not!’

Anyways, then his list of creative inspirations go on to include, the motivation and inspiration behind the Make poverty history movement, also the creator of red nose day…

Need I say more.

He said in the interview yesterday on creativity ‘If you have a ghost of an idea, write it down.’ also ‘Creativity, don’t be so romantic about it!’

Maybe I might talk about the movie girl in the cafe tommorrow.

Am being random, but just trying to get something on a page, that for me is a lifelong pursuit of understanding.



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