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my bday!

Place: Staff Meeting

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Big weekend tatoo’s!

Well, yesterday was my bday and I was very spoilt! but mostly I enjoyed spending time with my nearest and dearest in rockingham last night.

Friendships are so much more important than most things in this world. Yesterday people loved me from all over the world, and I was so blessed. From love packages that arrived from LA, from forwarded phone calls from London, to facebook messages and gifts from Japan, Gold Coast and Perth, to a blog message from Chile.

The present that made me gasp, late last night when I arrived home was the travel mug decorated with pic’s of all my mates, made with love from Kym Rolle. I have it with me in our staff meeting right now, and I so felt the love!

Celebrating life is all aboiut those who you celebrate with…

Who are you celebrating this week.

Loving aplenty from this 31 year old.

Your 31st is the new 21st!



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