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recapture joy!

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: The holiday soundtrack

Things have been a little, no more than that, hugely stretching lately. More than once this week I have driven home blankly wondering what I did because the day was just so huge.

So, tonight whilst reading something, I was reminded that it is my choice to recapture joy in the little things.

Too often we view life as a series and difficult activity. Just minutes ago whilst watching the news I actually burst into tears because of the heaviness and craziness of the picture painted in the nightly news!

Tuning into the good not the bad, remembering fine moments rather than the tragic ones, really is just a choice.

Create a fun fridge, covered in all the photo’s of you favourite people.

Clean something out, from your wardrobe, to your shed, to your kitchen cuboards or to your fridge, guarenteed feel good mechanism.

Shop for Christmas tree ornaments

(our christmas photo for our volunteers from the events department)

Go for a walk in a beautiful area (beach, park, bush, whatever just get out)

Play your favourite CD or buy a new one, I brought The Holiday soundtrack. GOLD!

Go skinny dipping

Give yourself a beauty treatment

Hire a horse driven carriage and go through a part of your city you don’t normally.

Just do something small to recapture the joy!

Go on, I know you want too.


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