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hare brain, tortoise mind

PLace: My Office

Poison: Cold and flu tab’s

Favourite Things: rediscovered ear rings.

Today I picked up and starting reading a book called ‘Hare Brain:Tortoise Mind, How intelligence increases when you think less!’

It intrigued me, right from the starting line. I have not finished it yet, but I had to share some of its thoughts as it is really blowing my mind.

John Cleese wrote of the book ‘The essential guide to creative thinking!’

Only active thinking is regarded as productive in our society. Sitting gazing absently in your office or out of a classroom window is regarded of no value. Yet many of those whom our society regards as creative icons have spent much of their time doing nothing.

Some of my best ideas, rumenate in my heart and head for hours before I even have the ability to give any sort of shape or form to them. Yet I find myself staring at my watch, and clicking my tonigue in disgust when someone cannot give me an immediate answer.

To tap into the stream that unlocks creative expression, one must dare to wait.

In a world full of impatience, do we have enough character and self control to allow ideas, thoughts and wisdom to come through waiting.

I am sure more Gold will come from this book.

Standby, I fear this hare is about to be slapped in the face by a tortoise.

I need to slow down, to unlock the creativity and inspiration that is awaiting discovery.


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