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Creativity in the slums

Place: UNOH community centre

Poison: Mango Lassey

Favourite Things: Too many things all of them thai!

Okay so I know its been forever since I have blogged, but give me a break, i wish I had more time to write.

So, last night and today has been amazing, stressful, scary, inspiring, creative and a blast.

The stories are too long to tell right now, but they are crazy. we have spent the day working with an amazing organisation called ‘URBAN NEIGHBOURS OF HOPE’ who live and work in the Khlong Toey slums in Bangkok Thailand.

They are amazing people who live and breath inspiration, with a fresh perspective on love. Today we together created creative stations, where the children come to this oasis in the midst of much chaos.

We collected costumes for the children here who are doing a big christmas concert and brought 4 dance teachers in to work with the children on their dancing.

We slept in the slum last night, finding peace and security in the midst of fireworks, a suspected house fire, a bashing, a gang fight and vegemite on toast.

More stories to tell, crazy keyboards to use. On my way to the Golden triangle tomorrow and will write more.

I promise kymbo.


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