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village life


Place: akha safehouse

Poison: water

favourite things: the beautiful akha safe house girls

today has been such a big one but so amazing in all one chaotic breath. The plans changed so often, I wasn’t sure if we were onto plan 75 or 80, however its the thailand way.

We are staying in a hotel (aptly named The S-house Hotel) right on the street which backs onto the bridge that takes you into Burma. The situation in Burma right now, makes the air feel quite tense, and safety is needed to be forthright in ours minds, but the thrill is exhilirating!!

We spent the day in traditional Akha villiages, when I get somewhere I can post photos then I will show you these amazing people. Old women dressed still in national hilltribe costumes, drying chilli’s, weaving bags, sorting out thatching for their rooves.

Life here is so much slower than at home, but so much time wasted also. But for a time nazi like me, it is so good for me, to walk up a long hill, dust covering my feet, to walk over a bridge that takes me to a waterfall and a place where I feel so removed from any form of technology and western life.

Until I see a coke van in the distance and hear the roar of a motorbike, villiage life to me is one that inspires me to break life down a little and remember how fragile it is.



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