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christmas contrasts


Place: My Office

Poison: Water (from the tap!! smile)

Favourite Things: tea cup candle from hayls

Well, Im back on the ground running and writing has not been the easiest lately, with lack of comprehensive keyboards, crashing servers and random computers in the slums of Thailand.

Back in my office with my broadband beaming, cords running out of my computer, downloading images, songs and video’s my mind and heart is in overdrive.

The words of the song written by the fray ‘I’m in over my head, she’s on my mind!’ is obviously written about love, but for me it is an anthem of what is happening in my heart and head about the people I encountered in Thailand.

The joy, the expression of life, contrasted with nothing renders me speechless.

I come home to a CHrisco emergency where families are completely freaking out because their 10 christco hampers have not arrived, and NO WAY, they received a refund! (How dare they not deliver, on all the consumeristic crap!!)

I remember the thousands of people who were so grateful to receive a bar of soap at a festival celebrating the birth of Christ.

My heart of Justice is at breaking point, as the contrast between our worlds and theirs is so vast.

I will be blogging over the next few days, so for whoever is actually left due to my inconcistency over the last few months. I will try to unpackage what is going on….

(waiting on the world to change…John Mayer)



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