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equal ground

Place: Milkd

Poison: Water

Favourite things: new pen from Erin, writes really well!


We took these young girls out on a day trip back to their villiage in the hills of northern Thailand. The hilltribe is called the Akha tribe and rather than being the ones who were voyered all day, we gave them a disposable camera each and created a project together.

How often do the western world, as tourists, walk right into people’s everyday, snapping away, with no thought to how the subject really feels.

In the slums of Thailand, we were very specific with our team, that as we walked through, to not take any photos…

This is because we are walking through their lounge rooms. We would not walk into a strangers house and take photo’s here in Australia, America, Europe wherever…

This project produced the most random, but gorgeous, blurry, but inspired photographs.

Whenever you travel, my encouragement is that you really look beyond the camera and create common ground.



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