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homemade doughnuts on the beach

Place: Qantas Club

Poison: water and wasabi peas

Favourite Things: knowing I will be with my fav friends very soon


Last week I spent most of my days, awash with screaming, delight, floaties in a pool, lots of little children and my family in a place called dunsbourough, south of Perth.

It is normally quite a sleepy town, but the powell’s, crofts and giles arrived with seemingly the rest of Perth in droves. With sweltering heat, windy but atmospheric afternoons and 5 minutes walk to the beach it was truly memorable.

Dunsborough 08 111.jpg

Most of the week, we rifled through Jamie Olivers cookbook and attempted to turn our beach shack into his East London resteraunt ‘fifteen’ (and I must say we did a pretty good job).

One evening, we spent most of the afternoon making homemade doughnuts, then walked to the beach at sunset and devoured them. The art of creating tradition and the love of family, combined in a climatic evening of memories.


(notice the sand covered doughnut! Gold)

Time with family, rest, afternoon siesta’s and cooking as a family is where the substance and fruit of real joy is found.

Despite disagreements and miscommunication, no-one understands and knows you like your family does.

Plan a trip together today.

It doesnt have to be expensive, just time intensive.


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