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sleep deprivation

Place: Parachute Offices

Poison: Water, Water and more water

Favourite Things: my swatch watch

Well I’m sitting here surrounded by the crazy last minute event management madness of coordinating a festival of 20plus thousand!!

I havent slept as I flew through the night to New Zealand, for my lovely Coli’s one year anniversary and to be around my crew as they madly coordinate the unbelievable parachute festival!

Its a music festival, where last year 28,000 crazy kiwi’s rocked up with tents, eskies and their sheep in tow. (ruth if you read this am only joking!!) Its such a great event with headline band ‘Switchfoot’ arriving in less tha 7 days and the crew around the offices are running flat strap.

Sleep deprivation is such an unpredicable state of being. You can either crack and yell, and snap at all and sundry, or you go the other way and go silly, stupid, laughing and crazy.

I am choosing the other.

Caffine and Coffee and Sugar are not my friends, when I havent slept in days.

Water, water, water is my motto.

Love ya’s



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