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Place: Parachute Office

Poison: Berocca

Favourite Things: Facebook

I have just found John Mayer’s latest song release, that was written for the movie ‘The bucket list!’ Its amazing and the basic message is say what you need to say.

So often we spend our lives not actually saying what we need to say. Doing what we need to do, engaging in the moments that we are destined to engage in.

The bucket list is a movie written about a man who writes a list of what he wants to do before he kicks the bucket. I chose to say it very differently…I have had a list of 75 things I want to do before I go to heaven.

I love to strike of these acheivements of my list, but also it brings perspective into those days when I feel like I have been driving around and around the same round about endlessly!

go on, say what you need to say!


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