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quietly typing

Place: Local Library

Poison: prohibited

Favourite Things: the smell of new…

I am sitting quietly in my local library which has just moved house, in the last two weeks. The new resting place of my favourite verses, words, nouns, adjectives and punctuations is fantastic.

It takes me less than 5 mins to drive here and the new filing system means that I have found hundreds of new books for me to devour.

I made a commitment to myself that this year I would not buy any new books. (mainly because I have at least a years worth of unread books sitting on my bedside tables)

I am also starting a Masters in Leadership this year and I know there will be many books to read for this university course and I want to limit my temptation.

I have met many people who find that books are their complete downfall. Mostly people who are so addicted to books, that they walk into a bookstore and they know their credit card is going to limp on the way out. Then I also have people on the other extreme who find it so difficult in this age of technology saturation to even finish one publication from cover to cover.

I was reading a blog lately that made reference to a book reading program in the late 80’s around Australia called ‘R.I.B.I.T’






As corny and crazy as this program sounds, it developed a well set habit in my life right from primary school till now. I cannot fall asleep without reading something, even if it is only one page when I am completely stuffed!

Get a bit of ‘R.I.B.I.T’ love. Also seek out your local library.

Its a blast (without the noise)



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