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Place: Office

Poison: Long BLack

Favourite Things: time to actually blog…

It is now one month since the fatal day, when I got myself a personal trainer.

It was a goal I set myself at the beginning of the year, and I text him on New Years Eve to get the relationship started, however with travel and life I didn’t begin training till Febuary.

This last month has been unexpected.

Mostly challenging, then surprisingly rewarding. Full of ups and downs.

(I am so thankful that the biggest loser is on television in Australia right now, as the motivation for prevention is very visual right now!!)

Anyway, I have to say as hard as it is, mostly for those who are very vebose, to shut up and submit. To keep going when you are sure you have nothing else to give. To go beyond the pain barriers you thought you would never pass and mostly to try things you have never tried before.

I am on my way to a Abs, Butts and Thighs class. Powerful.

Excercise is so important, but so easily falls to the bottom of all our priority lists.

This is not just a one month fad, it is a cultural, lifestyle change.

A leader who doesn’t excercise regurally is not a leader of his or her own life.

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