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perspective gained

Place: Clauds Office Sydney

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: flower power resteraunt.

Last night on a 5 hour plane trip, I read the qantas magazine from cover to cover. This trip is only a week long, and I didnt bring any books to read (unusual, bible not included its an appendage that goes wherever I go). Despite no books, I have 6 different journals with me. Crazy hey!

I am intending on writing a lot this week, thus the journals. Anyway…miss verbose this morning…

Whilst reading the mag, I read an article which was really challenging. (I ripped it out too. smile)

It basically showed the statistics in Australia about both divorce and working hours for the average Australian over a life time and compared them to the early 1800’s.

Cool hey!

What they surmised, is that the divorce rate in Australia has in fact not increased, it has actually increased. The average length of a marriage is over 20 years. How challenging is that theory!!

Also we retire earlier, we work 27% less hours than our forefathers in the 1800’s did. Our lifestyles are easier with the change in technology. Yes we may pack more into a day, but we actually work less not more. Our work days are more flexible, we have more disposable income and definatley more choice. We travel more, which means we holiday more.

Perspective gained. Its actually not as bad as we all say it is.

There is just more choice.

I want to choose well.


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