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attention to detail with Leo tolstoy

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Poison: Latte

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I am slowly reading a book at the moment that portrays different leaders and their struggles with life. One chapter in particular has kept me muddled and spellbound at the same time.

A chapter about the writer Leo Tolstoy.

This quote had me captivated…

In the long history of literature, no one has exceeded Leo Tolstoys ability to portray the full essence of life…

Nothing seems to escape him. Nothing glances off him unrecorded…

Virginia Wolf writes of Leo Tolstoy…

‘Every twig, every feather sticks to him like a magnet. He notices the blue or red of a childs frock; the way a horse shifts its tail; the sound of a cough; the action of a man trying to put his hands into pockets that have been sewn up. And what his infalliable eye reports of a cough or a trick of the hands his infallible brain refers to somethinghidden in the character, so that we know his people, not only by the way they love and thier views on politics and the immortality of the soul, but also by the way they sneeze and choke. We feel that we have been set on a mountaintop and hafd a telescope put into our hands. Everything is astonishingly clear and absolutely sharp.’

I want to write like this. I want to truly see people for who they are, with eyes of grace and portray their stories to the world.

I want to express myself with clarity and purpose to encourage our world not to see an ocean of faces, as we walk through a city, but notice the licorice allsorts, the colours, shapes, flavours and intricacies.

I love human beings and all their quirks.

How about you?

what have you noticed lately.




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