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minnie pwerle

Place: West End deli

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: rockin 90’s hard rock playing in the background. Hilarious, I feel like Im 17 again.

I recieved the most fabulous little magazine advertising rugs. Yep floor rugs.

What made the publication fabulous though, was the short story about an Indigenous Australian Artist, whose canvases have been made into the most amazing floor rugs.

Her name is Minne Pwerle, she started painting in 1999 and she died in 2006. So her 7 year painting career was short lived, but was indelible.

Minnie’s main Dreamings convey her love and frespect for the land, its ability to sustain and the ceremonies around the dreamings.



It is amazing what one woman has done in such a short space of time.



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