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arts in the hood

Well it is day fourof the creative arts camp and the team are doing the most fabulous job. They are such a great team together. Let me introduce them to you, whilst Nate does a hip hop demonstration in the background and venetia does fire twirlling. The kids are enthralled, the slum is alive and the kids school holidays have never been this adventurous.

Tobi- Tobi is the most amazing school teacher back home and has done so much fundraising and resource collecting for this trip and the community centre couldnt be happier. She is keeping two classrooms of pre-primary aged children enthralled and the enrollments are escallating every day because of the amazing programs she is running. Anj the centre manager, our direct report is so impressed with her and how the children are responding despite the language barrier.

Trevor- Collected funds to buy cameras to teach the photography course and the kids absolutely love his quiet, faithfulness. In a country when older men are very violent, to have a gentle giant in the midst is so beautiful for the children. The photography course went to the crocidile farm today and you should have seen the kids faces as they got in the car to go out on an excursion out of the slum. They put their best clothes on and got to keep the cameras they used today.

Kym- her skills are so valued here. We did a cooking school on sunday and she has rebranded their logo as it is a microenterprise in the slum and lonely planet is coming to review them next week. She has also spread herself between the photography course and the spray painting class. The tag they did accross the wall of the community centre yesterday is so gold. To see these kids draw in their books and relate to Kym through art is breathtaking.

Simone- has been leading worship each morning and is preparing tomorrow to lead us all in comunion. To start the day with such a presence of God is so peaceful. She has been couragously leading the hip hop classes, and the boys in this class are a handful So in the arvos when the weather is too hot she is taking these kids and teaching them other skills like drawing, sewing and today walked them out of the slum to a pottery place to paint little statues. Very cute! she is amazing.

Venetia- is such a soldier and has been working so hard in the area of candle making and also every afternoon she gathers a group and teaches them poi, she had sewed these amazing flags together and she is fire twirliling tonight and the kids adore her. Her quiet spirit and soft heart is so inspiring.

Carole- is the most beautiful mum, who has the kids eating out of her hands. She is leading the screen printing and the screen printing that the kids have done are amazing. They made pillow cases yesterday and today libary bags, tomorrow they will be painting tshirts. Which in a time where we are finding a lot of kids without much in the way of clothing is so gold.

Nate- is such a champion and has become a local legend with his spray painting skills and also his breaking moves. He has hip hop booming through the slum right now and has the kids grooving and teaching them b boy tricks. Kid drama, is his street name and the kids adore him. Tomorrow his spray class are tagging shoes, that the boys can keep, and I swear I have seen more kids wearing their hats backward in the streets as we walk the slum since he has arrived.

Family who are missing their loved ones, I get the prievelge of hanging with them.

Sorry bout the spelling the computer is crazy, but so wanted to brag on my team.

Much love


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