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graff, hip hop and the creative camp is nearly done

Today the hip hop crew are catching the skytrain into town to beat it with the big boys of Bangkok. Watching the kids from the slum trying on all these outfits that Nate had brought over and running around with their pants falling down because they are so big was a memory I will never forget. Hats on backwards, shirts to their knees, the excitement of leaving the slum and going to siam square is palpable.

Then the graff kids finished off their tags and their shoes today, watching boon, who has literally worn the same clothes everyday that we have been here running about in these sprayed shoes with a shout out to khlong toey graffitid on the side of them was to die for…

The candle makers have perfected the art of candle making and have packaged them up ready to sell at the concert tomorrow night. Some of the team have promised to auction some of the candles so the kids can take some money home.

The photography dudes went to a real photo studio yesterday and took some shots and have recieved all the shots and get to keep a camera each. Watching them with their cameras is so inspiring.

Music, preprimary and screen printing are all so practical as well. Every kid is taking home something.

Last night we wrapped around 300 presents to give out at tomorrow nights concert, from new clothes to stickers, baby blankets to whistles. The luck dip for all the children from the slum will be wild.

Last night we also sat with the three teams that are working in the slum at the moment, we havent really seen the other two teams one from South Perth Church of Christ and the other from Submerge in Melbourne because the slum is so big and the need is so great. So to come together as a whole crew and sing praise and worship and then share stories from the two weeks was very beautiful.

Many of our team cried as they shared the highpoints and the low points of the trip so far.

We are coming to the end of the business side to our trip, and the team are stuffed but elated at the same time. To stay in the slum and work with the same kids each day, everyday we are here is a complete privelege.

To everyone who gave and sacrficed so we could come so equipped to leave as legacy here thankyou. Every tim tam, jar of vegimite, texta, shoe, tshirt, gift has been welcomely recieved. Everything has been used to the maximum and the team have been unbelievably generous with their time and talents.

These two weeks will not be easily forgotten, neither will the looks on the kids faces as they do something that only the privelged kids outside of the slum get access to, like art, music, dance, photography, graffitti and more.



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