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A living funeral

Place: bed

Poison: almonds

Favourite things: TiVo

I found a one dollar copy of ‘tuesdays with morrie’ last week and I couldn’t have brought a better bargain.

An adorable memoir of the dying days of a college professor, that has whet my appetite for living a life of inspiration.

In the first chapter he talks about going to a funeral of a work collegue and being bitterly dissappointed that friends and family had not said their thoughts to the deceased while he was alive.

So morris had an idea. I think if an Australian did this they would be shot down as egotistical, but I adore the concept.

Knowing his illness was terminal he held a living funeral, where he got to share stories, thoughts, poetry and love with those closest. A funeral for the living.

Don’t wait till someone passes away to share your thoughts and love freely. We regurally have toasts when we are with friends and family because we are determined to live our life saying what needs to be said.

John Mayers latest song says this ‘say what you need to say’ simple but true.

Morris I am looking forward to spending Tuesdays with you. Maybe I might only read this book on Tuesday evenings. If I can possibly wait each week.

Speak now.